The Team

Edward Glassonbury

Ed has previously worked for Victor Dartnall and Dan Skelton. He is currently working for Oliver Greenall where he has been for 5 years. With a large amount of experience Ed is able to get the best out of the horses on the yard. 

Cai Williams

Cai is a great member of our team who is a dedicated and joyful individual. Cai rides out for Oliver Greenall as well as Ash Tree Stables and has previously worked for Donald Mccain. We look forward to giving Cai more point to point rides making it a successful upcoming season.

Scarlett Walker-Smith

Scarlett has worked on racing yards previously and has grown up around horses. Although she is willing to ride out when needed, Scarlett is happier doing yard duties, admin and accounts.

Mini Glassonbury

Beatrix is now one and loves being around the horses, she also loves bossing her daddy around making sure he is doing everything correct. Beatrix loves riding her ponies already so we can only imagine she is going to be a racing lover too. 

Toby and Troy

Our two fabulous companions that always do a mighty fine job of making friends with the bigger ones to stop them getting lonely.