Our Facilities


Our stables are large and open, they have feed mangers and hay racks with big open doors to allow each horse to see one another stopping boredom. 


All Weather Gallops:

We are very fortunate in that we have use of two gallops, which differ in surface. A mile long sand gallop with adjoining 3 furlong ring, and a 4 furlong uphill carpet gallop. 

Therefore we are able to get muscle and condition on the horse without putting them under too much pressure by doing steady work up hill. Whilst also being able to do long, continuous work around the sand ring which is great for stamina work, while slowly bringing weight off them. Sharp pieces of work can be carried out on the straight part of the sand gallop, this is perfect for putting sharpness into the horse and is a great anaerobic exercise. 

Grass Gallops:

The grass gallops are key to a young horses progression, it gets them used to wide open spaces and galloping in groups. The older horses especially love the grass gallop as a change of scenery and to keep them fresh.


With the use of tyres, baby hurdles, hurdles and easy fix fences on grass we have all the facilities to make sure horses can jump at a high standard. The 3 furlong sand ring also doubles up as an all weather schooling facility, which means in times of wet or cold weather we can continue to school our horses at regular intervals. 

Lunge Pen

A deep sand lunge pen is perfect for bringing young horses into work, yet at the same time can be used for bringing horses slowly back from injury.

Loose School

The loose school is a great facility. It is perfect for educating youngsters to get their feet off the floor for the first time whilst giving them confidence. For the older horses it can be used to help fix any bad habits they may have picked up. 

Water Splash

The walk through water splash is great for cooling down horses legs after work, while at the same time relaxes the horses.  Since using this facility, it is great to see that the horses love it. 

Countryside and Rivers

With extensive use of pristinely managed fields we are able to hack around and jump man made obstacles. This is particularly good for the older horses. While the easy access river is key to freshening horses up as well as helping horses that have come back from a leg injury. 

Turn out

Turn out paddocks are used to give the horse a break and keep them sweet throughout their busy schedule.   

All of our facilities are rented from Oliver Greenall Racing at Stockton Hall Farm.